Why Should I do a Chimney Sweep in the Summer?

It’s a common misconception that chimney sweeping and fireplace services are seasonal. Chimney sweeps and fireplace inspection and cleaning services are a year round thing. And in all actuality, summer is the BEST time for your chimney sweep, inspection and/or cleaning for a few different reasons. 

Chimney Sweeps in Summer Save Money

You can Save Money by getting your chimney serviced in the summertime. You don’t have any reason to need to rush any repairs or have emergency scheduling. There are usually summer specials and rates for chimney services in the summer. 

Convenient Summer Chimney Inspection Scheduling

You will likely have your choice of Convenient Scheduling in the summer. In the fall and winter months, we see an influx of customers needing services for the “peak- season”. This can cause longer wait times for chimney inspection and cleaning appointments. In the summer, you can count on a more open schedule, choose a time convenient for you, and have plenty of time to schedule and pay for any potential repairs you may need to prepare for the fall and winter. 

Don’t Worry about Weather for your Chimney Sweep in the Summer

By scheduling your chimney sweep in the summer, you don’t have to worry about inclement weather or elements getting in the way of your service or repair needs. Upon inspection, a range of things could come to surface such as cracks in your flue, chimney cap damage, or issues with the masonry that need repairs. If you have a snow or ice covered roof or chimney we will not be able to service your chimney. We would have to wait until the weather warms up and we have safe conditions to work on those repairs. 

We encourage you to start thinking of Chimney and Fireplace services as a year round service and consider Spring and Summer months as the best time to make your chimney sweep, inspection and repair services a priority. The Spring and Summer months will be the best time for you to save money, have convenient scheduling options, and avoid inclement weather and elements delaying any services or repairs. 

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