The Essential Guide to Chimney Maintenance and Repair in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Maintaining a safe and warm home is a priority for every homeowner. In the heartland of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where the weather can be quite extreme, one crucial element that requires regular attention is your chimney. 

At Elite Chimney, a Kenosha Chimney Cleaning & Repair Company serving SE Wisconsin, including Oak Creek, we understand the importance of chimney maintenance and repair. Our certified chimney sweeps are dedicated to providing expert chimney services that ensure the safety and comfort of your home. This guide will take you through the ultimate steps to keep your chimney in the best possible condition, helping you avoid costly repairs and ensuring your home remains safe and warm​​.


Understanding the Importance of Chimney Maintenance and Repair

Chimneys can often be overlooked when considering home maintenance. However, neglecting your chimney can result in substantial costs down the line. A cracked chimney crown or spalling bricks can easily cost $1,000 to repair, and if left untreated, the damage can accelerate quickly, costing you upward of $3,000. The good news is, by regularly maintaining your chimney, you can prevent these costly damages. 

Step 1: Start at the Chimney Crown

The crown of the chimney is crucial in preventing water from getting behind the bricks and alongside the flu and into your home. Normal expansion and contraction cycles can cause cracks to form in the crown over time. Sealing the chimney crown with crown sealer, a flexible elastomeric coating, is the best way to stop existing cracks from spreading and prevent new ones.

Step 2: Seal the Chimney Bricks

Once the crown sealer is dry, it’s time to seal the bricks of the chimney. The water repellent helps to protect the bricks from water damage and extends the life of the chimney​​.

Step 3: Install a Chimney Cap

The final step in the chimney maintenance process is to install a chimney cap. This keeps water and critters out of your flue and extends its life. We recommend a stainless steel cap, as it will last much longer than a galvanized type​​.


When to Call a Professional

While these steps can be performed by a DIY-savvy homeowner, there are situations when you might need to call in the professionals. If you can’t reach the chimney crown, have a very steep roof pitch, or aren’t comfortable working on your roof, it’s best to hire a certified chimney sweep like the ones at Elite Chimney. We have extensive chimney repair experience and can help you with almost any chimney-related service, from preventative maintenance and chimney inspections to the installation of chimney liners, caps, and dampers.


At Elite Chimney, we are committed to serving Oak Creek and the surrounding Wisconsin area with the highest quality chimney services.