Why you should get your Chimney Inspection and Cleaning Done in the Spring

Spring and early summer are the best times to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. It’s the end of the burning season and you may have build up or issues that occurred over the winter. Many people wait to get their chimneys cleaned and inspected in the fall to get ready for burning as it gets colder. This tends to be the busiest time of the year for chimney companies and there can be scheduling delays when you wait. If you get your inspection and cleaning done in the spring and early summer, you have plenty of time to take care of any potential issues found, and you can rest assured knowing your chimney is ready to go as soon as the temps start dropping in the fall! Elite Chimney is your best choice chimney cleaning and inspection company servicing Northern Illinois, including Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield, Highland Park, Lake Forest and Mettawa. 

Here are 4 good reasons to get your chimney cleaned and inspected in the Spring:

Buildup, Blockages, and Debris

Blockages can happen from a range of debris, bird and pesky critter nests, and soot and creosote buildup. Having your chimney inspected in the spring can help to catch some of these issues before they cause even larger problems. Buildup and debris can cause blocked airflow, a chimney fire or even worse, a whole house fire. Blocked airflow can make it so toxic gasses can’t exit properly and redirect back into your home. This can be very worrisome and dangerous with issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Chimney Fires

Many chimney fires go unnoticed because they are so small. You might not even know you have had a chimney inspection until the evidence is discovered during your chimney inspection. A leading cause of chimney fires is creosote buildup. Creosote is a very acidic residue created by hot combustion byproducts mixing with cool air in your chimney and producing condensation. This condensation then sticks to the interior walls and creates the residue. Creosote can appear in many different stages and forms. A chimney fire is very likely when creosote is left to accumulate. Having your chimney inspected and cleaned in the spring will help you to prevent  creosote buildup and ultimately help prevent a chimney fire. 

Damaged Flue Tiles, Liners and Dampers

Poor chimney performance and potential house fires can result from cracked chimney liners, broken or damaged flue tiles, warped dampers and other damaged areas of the interior or exterior of your chimney. A professional spring chimney inspection and cleaning will make sure that any damage is found sooner than later and give you plenty of time to get any issues fixed before the fall burning season. 

Unwanted Chimney Odors

A buildup of creosote, soot and other residues can cause unwanted odors to come from your fireplace. These odors can occur whether your fireplace is in use or not. A good professional chimney cleaning in the Spring will eliminate any buildup you may have in your chimney at the end of the burning season. This will help to keep any odors at bay during the spring and summer months, as well as increase the proper airflow throughout your chimney and home. 


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