Tips for Running Your Gas Fireplace Safely

Your specific fireplace came with an owners manual so always consult the manufacturer’s instructions on safe operation of your fireplace, but here are a few universal tips and reminders to keep your family safe and warm all winter long!

  • DO NOT burn anything in your fireplace. Wrapping paper, wood, food, cans, or anything else should never be burned in your gas fireplace. Only the logs or filler that was installed with your gas should be in the fireplace. Additional kindling can produce toxic gases, uncontrolled fire, and costly damages to your fireplace. 
  • Always have a carbon monoxide detector near your fireplace. While we always take special care when installing gas, damages and leaks can occur over time, though it is rare. To keep your family safe, always have a functioning CO detector near. CO is a colorless and odorless gas, though there is often a scent added for easier detection. If you ever suspect a gas leak, call 911 immediately and leave the home until it is determined safe. 
  • Keep the glass open when in use. Using your fireplace with the glass closed can cause a build up on soot and carbon monoxide which can be extremely dangerous. Always keep the glass open. Screens can be put in place, however, to keep pets and children out. 
  • Keep your chimney clean. Just because you’re not burning wood doesn’t mean buildup can’t occur. Keep up with yearly cleanings to keep you and your family safe!
  • Practice fire safety with children. To kids, fire is warm, colorful, and fun. Always teach your kids (and pets) to stay away and never touch the controls to the gas. Even when the fireplace isn’t on, there may still be a pilot light lit and it could still be hot. 
  • Keep up on annual inspections. As we already said, we always take extra caution during our installation process, but things can still wear over time. Annual inspections will prevent leaks and other damages in your fireplace. 
  • Keep the logs clean. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, clean the logs or filler often and keep them free of debris. This helps keep a clean burn and prevents possible fire.  
  • Do not use other flames in or around your gas lines. Outside flames can cause an explosion. Never use candles or other fire sources near your fireplace.

A gas fireplace is an amazing addition to any space. It adds an upscale feel to your home and is much easier to use than a traditional wood burning fireplace. When you keep up with proper maintenance and use safe practices, your gas fireplace will be safe and cozy for your family for many years to come! Contact Elite Chimney today for a free quote on gas log conversions!