Certified Chimney Cleaning, Inspection, & Repair in Zion, Illinois

When it’s time to have your chimney serviced, make sure you get a quote from Elite Chimney! We offer certified chimney inspection & cleaning in Zion, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Our qualified professionals also excel at the installation & replacement of chimney caps, chase tops, dampers, and liners as well as wood to gas fireplace conversions. No matter what service you choose Elite for, we’ll go the distance to make you a satisfied customer. Call us at 847-239-2458 to schedule an appointment or contact us online for more information!

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Chimney Cleaning Zion, IL

Enjoy a Safe & Efficient Fireplace

Chimney Inspections & Cleaning

We’re a Certified Chimney Sweep serving Zion, Illinois. You can trust Elite Chimney for detailed inspection reports and thorough cleaning services. We have experience with both residential & commercial chimneys. Schedule your annual chimney cleaning appointment with Elite! We’ll ensure your chimney is safe to operate and can make recommendations for improving efficiency and chimney life. Call us today for a quote and availability.

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Chimney Leak Repairs

We’d be happy to give you a quote for chimney leak repair. Call us to schedule an inspection for your Zion chimney! Many homeowners don’t know they have a leak until there are signs of water damage or they’re alerted to a problem by their chimney sweep. We’ll figure out where the leak originates during inspection to determine the cause and the best repair solution. Often there is a problem with the chimney crown, cap, masonry, or flashing.

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Protect Your Chimney

Chimney Solutions

We can help you with the installation & replacement of chimney solutions like caps, dampers, chase tops, and liners. These solutions can help you prevent flue damage, minimize maintenance costs, improve efficiency, and extend the life of your chimney. Let’s discuss your options and get a quote started – call us!

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Convenience, Comfort & Cost Savings

Wood to Gas Conversions

When your wood fireplace has become a burden, call Elite Chimney for a quote on a conversion to gas options. You can reap many benefits by converting your fireplace from wood to gas. Gas fireplaces are a great source of heat, effortless to light, energy efficient, and reduce your long term costs by minimizing maintenance and eliminating wood purchases. Interested in learning more? Call us!

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Certified Chimney Sweep Zion, IL
Zion Chimney Sweep
Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician Zion, Illinois

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If your chimney needs to be serviced don’t hesitate give us a call today (847) 239-2458 or click the link below and book an appointment online!

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